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You won't get many bees in your garden without the right flowers, too! With your BeeFriend box, you'll receive a packet of the Coastal California Wildflower Seed Mix from the Eden Brothers. Other wildflower seed mixes we recommend are the Dry Area Wildflower Seed Mix from the Eden Brothers, the Seed Savers' Bee Feed MixBotanical Interests'  Save the Bees Seed Mix, the Sierra Club Bee Feed Flower Mix, and the Pacific Northwest Native Wildflower Seed Mix from High Country Gardens. Click here to see a list of more flowers that attract bees. 

Try to put the seeds into the ground in mid-October through March. Plant them in a clump one meter long by one meter wide, so that the bees don't have to travel far within your garden to find the specific type of flower they like. 

Annuals  will bloom and die but can reseed in the same area. Perennials return each year for 3-5 years. Some perennials need more care and a longer time to grow, and they might be easier to buy as plants from a nursery than to grow from seed. Here is a list of perennials that bees like that can be grown from seed, and where you can buy those seeds. Below is a list of local nurseries and shops that sell seeds and plants (including perennials) that you can put in your bee-friendly garden.